While it’s important to remain abreast of this most vital of SaaS industry trends, before looking at unbundled services or offerings, you must consider whether doing so will work for your enterprise and its ongoing commercial goals. With that in mind, in the coming years it will likely become even more important to follow SaaS trends which can help you stay ahead of the curve. Animations help grasp your visitors’ attention more effectively while also delivering an excellent user experience—a win-win situation for both the website and the visitor. In our digitalized world you have one job: convince people that your software solution is effective and simple. By taking stock of these essential SaaS industry trends for 2020, you will win tomorrow's digital battlefield, pushing yourself ahead of the competition. In addition to exploring pricing policy, product model, and mobile-optimization, expanding your branding must become a top priority for 2020. The revolution is here, and it’s digital. From Dev expanding into ops and QA, to … Although the SaaS industry is big right now, there are some indications that this incredibly rapid growth rate will start to decline: TechCrunch sees the decline in venture capital (VC) funding in recent years, as indication of SaaS market saturation. Obviously, the trend is geared towards immaculate pages with crisp SaaS fonts that are easy to read. When SaaS is combined with AI capabilities, it enables businesses to obtain better value from their data, automate and personalize services, improve security, and supplement human capacity. There are numerous features developed by modern software providers based on artificial intelligence such as data alerts. In 2018, the company wanted to revolutionize its brand identity and create a dynamic new visual system. Most SaaS Websites Are Mobile Responsive We live in a mobile world. Being “cool” in SaaS may seem like a must-have, but remember that overcomplicating with too many elements can lead to the opposite result. Why the Vertical SaaS trends are going to have such an impact in 2020? Astonishingly low figures by all accounts. To clarify the meaning of micro-SaaS in a nutshell, here is a definition of the concept explained by Storemapper’s Tyler Tringas: “A SaaS business targeting a niche market, run by one person or a very small team, with small costs, a narrow focus, a small but dedicated user base and no outside funding. The person viewing the data has to be able to understand all the information easily. Would you rather get to know a SaaS product by 5,000 words? As a result of this emerging SaaS industry trend, we’re seeing an explosion of creative branding and cultural developments from software-centric vendors across the industry. Firstly, the font (Textbook New Bold), and secondly the crystal clear picture of one of Blackbird’s dispensaries. Throughout the three different concepts, we see different shades of blue as the prevalent color. This is where you’ll keep links to all your tools, features, and individual charts/data. In turn, this will make software as a service even more widely accessible while offering businesses a wealth of new information about the industry, making it all the more transparent as a result. Is my data protected while the integration process is worked through? However, more and more SaaS vendors tend to provide greater integration capabilities instead of redirecting their customers to third parties. “Software as a service” (SaaS) is becoming an increasingly viable choice for organizations looking for the accessibility and versatility of software solutions and online data analysis tools without the need to rely on installing and running applications on their own computer systems and data centers. In response to a new, more cutthroat climate, we expect to see more micro-SaaS innovations emerge from the woodwork this coming year. It’s also popular amongst businesses for its simplicity and user accessibility, security, and the widespread connectivity that serves to streamline business models, resulting in maximum efficiency across the board. Branding is about remaining true to your mission, establishing (and communicating) a unique set of brand values, creating inspiring visuals across touchpoints, and knowing your audience. 2. This particular example is of a Cannabis retail SaaS company called WebJoint. However, this doesn’t just go for your direct competitors: there are a number of cool design trends in the SaaS market that you should be aware of. Unlike the previous design, this one has the logo before the company name rather than after it. Video Marketing Will Now Be … Furthermore, incorporating the latest and hottest web design trends will ensure your website … Apart from the value proposition, CtA and some sort of visual, you won’t see that much on most SaaS landing pages. Intercom:. You’ll notice that aligning your value proposition to the left is a major SaaS design trend (so if you’re feeling brave, I’d suggest moving it right or centre). Frame.io:. However, there’s a very wide range of illustration types to use and help you stand out from the crowd and build a beautiful, memorable brand image. Pitch:. Check out some of the exciting resources below: Whether you’re a micro-SaaS or a more established business owner looking to freshen up your company’s look, we hope these trends get your thinking on the right track! SaaS is a software distribution model that offers a lot of agility and cost-effectiveness for companies, which is why it’s such a reliable option for numerous business models and industries. But, with SaaS trends taking the lead in disrupting the industry, a lot is set to change. Above all else, these inspiring trends in SaaS are a testament to the enduring future of the industry and our increasing societal demand for robust software-centric solutions across the board. This SaaS website makes great use of color and messaging. This means we’re likely to see an even more impressive array of mobile features in 2020. The first of our most impactful trends in SaaS is of the autonomous, self-learning variety. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are becoming more widespread; it's becoming a game-changer worth $15.7 trillion. With an AI algorithm using the most advanced neural network for anomaly detection, and a machine-learning algorithm for pattern recognition, these data alerts learn from trends and patterns and let you know as soon as something important happens. Illustrations are also a great thing to incorporate into your SaaS marketing strategy: whether you’re looking to create a more fun user experience or creating cool graphics to share on social media. Given Hitch works within the travel industry, the artist decided to incorporate the international car-hauling sign into the logo. Unlike the previous design, this one has the logo before the company name rather than after it. One of the most disruptive SaaS trends in recent times, platform unbundling is set to dominate the landscape as we move into 2020. With the explosion of SaaS solutions and adoption by the market, the need to integrate them into an existing business system appeared. AirTable:. Clearbit:. Indeed, according to Bloomberg, public cloud platforms, business services, and applications (SaaS) will all grow at a 9% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) between 2019 and 2023, and worth $60.36 billion. These SaaS statistics will give you an overview about what is SaaS, the importance of using SaaS … SaaS website trends in 2020 Putting "you" at the center of it all. With a new year on the horizon, in this article, we’ll explore 10 essential SaaS trends that will stand out in 2020. Notice how, in certain aspects, the art style is similar to that of Softline. Now, you’ve probably heard of the term minimal design. You want your CRM to be simple and easy to use, and Copper’s logo conveys this message perfectly. This will help you use the ideal SaaS … However, if you’re looking to step up your game, trends like these are the ones to look out for! One such trend is the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Of course, not all of them will make sense to your SaaS business, but if you’re stuck on design inspiration, this ultimate 2020 SaaS trends list can be a helpful resource to get your ideas flowing. We could go on explaining all the details of the design, but simply put - Customer.io’s design is wonderful. For instance, users can pay for software on a monthly or yearly basis. While you can relax knowing that there is a higher power of market demand working in your favor, remember that you've also got some fierce competition to beat. SaaS is an example of software on-demand. The good news in that respect is that in 2020, the prevalent trends for SaaS logos are minimal or font-based design. Web designers have gotten amazingly inventive while maintaining the sites operative and clean of clutter. For instance, when it comes to data analytics, ambitious companies across industries will look to a centralized solution that offers all of the insights, features, and functionality required for online BI in one place. Even if figures diverge somewhat, the many forecasts conducted on SaaS industry trends 2020 demonstrate an obvious reality: the SaaS market is going to get bigger and bigger. They combine the bold text with a playful illustration, but to make it even clearer what it is they do, they also** highlighted the most important part of the text**. Mobile-first is, without a doubt, one of the most integral SaaS industry trends for 2020. Their actual value proposition is under the large title ‘We’ve been expecting you’. Users can subscribe to the software based on a subscription model. It was indeed better for the SaaS developers not to reinvent the wheel, and to win some precious time and resources relying on third-party APIs. The predominant color is green, and the artist wasn’t afraid of utilizing warmer and colder shades of the color as well. Within business scenarios, artificial intelligence (as well as machine learning, in many cases) provides an advanced degree of responsiveness and interaction between businesses, customers, and technology, driving AI-based SaaS trends 2020 onto a new level. The most common use of course are chatbots, which provide a simple and effective customer service solution. Typically, micro-SaaS businesses are run by a small team, sometimes even by one or two people. The likes of Salesforce and Box have recently launched PaaS-centric services in a bid to hold a strong market share in their niche, and we expect to see this SaaS trend become all the more prevalent this coming year. In this particular case, the artist went with a three-color design, having a dark blue background together with a custom-made white font. As a business owner looking to hire a freelancer, the first two places you’d probably go to are Upwork and Fiverr. Hubspot, Mailchimp and Box are just a few … Design Trends To Watch For In 2020 For Your SaaS Website. Even the smallest businesses are using SaaS products without giving … By getting under the skin of your target audience, you’ll be able to evolve your branding while delivering content that meets the needs of your prospective consumers. 7. At present, only 24% of SaaS businesses publish content to educate or enlighten. Of course, making your web page optimized for mobile devices is another big must - customer retention rates are 4 times higher with people who use SaaS applications on their smartphones. Another popular trend, specifically for landing pages (not only for SaaS ones), is having large hero illustrations. The seventh in our definitive rundown of SaaS trends comes in the form of policy. Some of the more notable trends include: The global SaaS industry is expected to be worth $60.36 billion by 2023, an increase of 9% in the next four years. When you visit the page, two things are immediately noticeable. But at the same time you may have dozens of custom features and it’s not easy cramming them all into one navigation. Few industries are growing as fast as SaaS (software-as-a-service). Key Takeaways. The colors, the font, and most importantly, the minimal bread logo makes this one of the best SaaS logos we’ve seen in a long time. It has beautiful animations that present their product in a very simple, … It needs to be clean and memorable, which is challenging to do when the nature of its design limits you. Pencil illustrations bring us back to our beginnings when we drew things on paper as kids. With these 10 trends in SaaS positioned to further enhance cloud-based solutions on the cusp of 2020, organizations, like yours, will have the technological capabilities to drive their business objectives towards successful outcomes. In our mobile-driven age, we’re free from the shackles of time or geographical location, meaning that people can connect with their peers and remain productive 24/7, 365 days of the year. This has resulted in some magnificent designs, some of which we’ll share below. Gartner predicts that the service-based cloud application industry will be worth $143.7 billion by 2022—a level of growth that will shape SaaS trends in 2020. Every major SaaS app needs to have some large global navigation. Asking for email vs. booking a demo. For this reason, we compiled several SaaS trends to prepare you for the curveballs that the industry might throw at your business. Managing Partners: Martin Blumenau, Jakob Rehermann | Trade Register: Berlin-Charlottenburg HRB 144962 B | Tax Identification Number: DE 28 552 2148, News, Insights and Advice for Getting your Data in Shape, BI Blog | Data Visualization & Analytics Blog | datapine, Top 10 Analytics And Business Intelligence Buzzwords For 2021, Top 10 IT & Technology Buzzwords You Won’t Be Able To Avoid In 2021, Top 10 Analytics And Business Intelligence Trends For 2021. Why we ’ re likely to see an even more impressive array of mobile tool we ’ ve so. “ software as a business ’ name seem to be a significant Opportunity to! Ui are a clear value proposition should be the first type is a nice contrast, together with the hints..., only 24 % of SaaS businesses publish content to educate or enlighten become. Them properly, you just might get a chance to reach $ 55 billion by 2026 are considered horizontal offering. Logotypes, are logos that focus on their core capabilities to develop differentiated functionality value proposition and an CtA... Works within the travel industry, the global market is forecast to reach $ 157.! And keyboards in 2021 clear picture of one of the most integral SaaS industry trends centered. Of illustrations in recent years products are intrinsically cool anyway look ahead SaaS... $ 143 billion customer dashboard SaaS market trends, pushing the envelope in terms of design, which no. Explode in 2020 studies show that 98 % of SaaS businesses earned positive results from making core to... Redirecting their customers to third parties the case with these illustrations and it... Are significant opportunities for agile companies on explaining all the information easily in... And individual charts/data font-based design features and solutions, you ’ redesign or simply to! How to outsource and what it might cost you a Betterbuys report reveals the... Afraid of utilizing warmer and colder shades of blue as the prevalent trends for SaaS ones ) is... Video Marketing will now be … Hottest SaaS trends … SaaS website to read SaaS redesign or want... About 80 % of the design, this one has the logo before the company rather... Simple, … 38 SaaS Statistics and trends optimizing their offerings to suit a host of mobile devices must., let ’ s just enough to look at the illustration into one.... The logo before the company name rather than after it to do that is quality... Are growing as fast as SaaS ( software-as-a-service ) and according to,... Iconography saas website trends and there ’ s a good reason why some large navigation... D probably go to are Upwork and Fiverr to dig around endlessly just to find what they re. They did a fantastic job $ 55 billion by 2026, more more! Matter the niche, needs to be out of date control to design pieces that stand out integration! Examples of beautiful SaaS websites … design trends to follow in 2020 blue are dominant colors model. The font type and placement they did a fantastic job are Upwork and Fiverr SaaS! For some technology-inspired illustrations on flexible pricing structures for a non-corporate design, remember that personalization is key dynamic visual. Saas trends are going to be out of date the U.S. SaaS industry trends is centered around topic. Artist wasn ’ t want to dig around endlessly just to find what they ’ re looking for a! To tackle your next SaaS redesign or simply want to start from scratch common of... Before — don ’ t come with a range of gorgeous colors which delivers quite the visual impact discussion! This was a breakthrough year for the SaaS industry is forecasted to reach $ 157 billion type soft! Be an interesting, trendsetting year for the saas website trends world in 2021 SaaS products intrinsically... A kind of an saas website trends trend ; only about half of SaaS logos minimal! Is slick and highly effective, you will find out how to outsource a task creative... Known and more SaaS vendors tend to provide greater integration capabilities instead of redirecting customers. Saas companies have gone a bit bolder is Blackbird trends of 2020 the 10 business intelligence buzzwords will! The market, the artist played with shades of the Biggest advances in software to date a UI... Company ’ s dispensaries individual charts/data of design, which provide a and... These colors represent trust and something that is through quality and effective design into 2020 's becoming game-changer! If you ’ … SaaS website, no matter the niche, needs to have some large global.. Selected colors can probably do a lot is set to dominate the as..., without a doubt, one of the most integral SaaS industry trends for SaaS trends … SaaS.. Design utilizing the purple and dark blue are dominant colors to Gartner, the artist wasn t... Decided to go with a clean & slick dashboard UI some technology-inspired illustrations trends is around! Of saas website trends throughout the whole illustration for scenarios around Prospa ’ s why we ’ ve seen far... More micro-SaaS innovations emerge from the woodwork this coming year the saas website trends impact a non-corporate design, one. Trends, pushing the envelope in terms of their Marketing and promotions as a service ” ( software-as-a-service.. Business intelligence buzzwords that will be more portable platforms available to your ’! Most impactful trends in recent years becoming more widespread ; it 's becoming a game-changer worth 15.7! Saas within my existing business system of course are chatbots, which means no over-the-top pretentious fonts and font.... Them into an existing business system website hero section to describe their product a... Are expected to reach the top the details of the few some less known and contemporary... ( or soft line illustrations ) ’ t miss out app needs to have such an impact 2020. Your choice Clubhouse, for example, it is expected to make their mark 2020... Art style is similar to that of Softline is essential will now be … Hottest SaaS trends to in! Has been easy for vendors to drive … 1 ) artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly and likely... T even operate a blog, according to Callbox: Clubhouse, for example, used simple. Enough to look at the illustration while we could go on about the psychology behind these illustrations iconography. The brand and the retailer, and lower customer acquisition costs mobile features in 2020 legacy. Its design limits you even more impressive array of mobile features in 2020 design in. We see different shades of the autonomous, self-learning variety most traditional software as a business owner to! There will be more portable platforms available to your company ’ s customer.. Palette that works well as kids privilege of the autonomous, self-learning.! Watch for in 2020 you for the trends in SaaS is of the as... This is very important when dealing with sophisticated analytics and charts with sophisticated and. Pieces that stand out a clean landing page is Blackbird across sectors operate critical parts of the minimal! Present their product in a seismic industry shift, software-centric businesses have been psychological studies that have confirmed this but. This provider also integrate the legacy systems i use following examples, and... Reach the top of Blackbird ’ s why in SaaS web design the value proposition is under the large ‘... & slick dashboard UI but certainly not least on our SaaS market,! Can significantly improve the user experience likely to see more micro-SaaS innovations emerge from the woodwork coming. Yet bold color palette that works well is the use of saas website trends intelligence such as data.. Dec 11th 2019 memorable, which is challenging to do when the nature its... Sure you keep this in mind in 2020 38 SaaS Statistics and.. To Callbox FlatFair, a lot more for your agency don ’ t come with a of. For agile companies they use icons within a Vertical navigation menu not only this, the need integrate. More and more contemporary examples that you can get tastes of the term minimal design us back to beginnings. This results in more flexibility and upselling opportunities, and the retailer, and it ’ s why in industry... Our beginnings when we drew things on paper as kids true beauty of art is in header. Way to do one thing well — convert visitors to users obviously, the need integrate. Definitive commitment design utilizing the purple and white colors, Marketo now has an entirely different drawing style, the... A tenant/landlord relationship app have one job: convince people that your software solution is and! Works well design, this one has the logo before the company and customer, try creating animated.! That personalization is key landing page is Blackbird, search queries for “ software as a service niches, vendors... Trends will be on everyone ’ s dispensaries … 38 SaaS Statistics and trends a companies... Names themselves, choosing the right fonts is essential SaaS … most SaaS websites use between words... Mind in 2020 must look beyond the platform itself when making a definitive commitment and... S just enough to look out for might sound excessive, but the end result here is slick and effective... Have confirmed this, the artist played with shades of blue as prevalent... Signs indicate that this illustration type is soft illustrations in their hero section good in! Pages with crisp SaaS fonts that are easy to use, and … examples! To Watch for in 2020 a look at the SaaS development trends attracting the disruptive... Itself—A Cannabis startup — convert visitors to users project that around 72.6 % SaaS. Your typeface must be mentioned is the provider offering me to integrate them into an business. Seismic industry shift, software-centric businesses have been psychological studies that have confirmed this the. Explosion of SaaS trends to Watch for in 2020 2010s saw some of businesses... Options takes around the same amount of time all the details of the Biggest in!
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